Interview with Judy Weiser

Chiara Roncagli interviews Judy Weiser

Image courtesy of Bob Ostiguy

Lucca, 20th May 2010 LaDamaSognatrice HD Audiovisual Productions Company has interviewed Psychologist Judy Weiser, one of the pioneers of  the videotherapy techniques, who is Director of the PhotoTherapy Center in Vancouver, Canada.

We have asked Ms. Weiser to explain  the word ‘VideoTherapy’, and if it can be defined  “practise”, “methodology” or “discipline”.

Being one of the main expert in this field – a sort of living encyclopaedia – she was able to tell us when was it born, where, and who have been  the first pioneers in this field. In her articles she has identified  5 techniques that can be used in PhotoTherapy – we have then asked if it exists anything similar also in VideoTherapy.

As PhotoTherapy / VideoTherapy techniques seems to be “simple and universally applicable” we then wondered if  it is required special skill in the craft of video making. Judy Weiser also helds lessons in phototherapy and videotherapy – we were curious to know if there something that she recommends to her students, something that has never to be done, that you just have to avoid when practising videotherapy

We then touched the art therapy issue, asking her what is the relation between phototherapy / videotherapy and art therapy: in one of her articles she wrote “PhotoTherapy is , and yet, isn’t, Art Therapy” but we also found that “Art Therapy, also known as Art Psychotherapy, incorporates the media of fine arts such as (…) photography and video

Last but not least, we’ve asked her a crucial question: is it true that videotherapy techniques “…extend the psychotherapist’s skill and reach” and “…enhance and abbreviate psycotherapy” ?

A 3-hour conversation that gave the project a push and represented the ideal starting point for our research of EU applications of VideoTherapy.

“Videotherapy Report” shooting has just started!


One Response to “Interview with Judy Weiser”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share information about the field of “VideoTherapy”. I look forward to seeing the finished documentary, and I enjoyed being interviewed!

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