A new application of videotherapy technique: Videodream

Yesterday, Saturday 6th November 2010, we attended “Le Trame dello Sguardo” convention organized in Rome by Doc Oliviero Rossi,  psychologist and psychotherapist, dealing with video, photo and theater in helping relationship.

Doctor Rossi presented a new application of  videotherapy techniques, called “Videodream”. This method forsees a group work based on one partecipant’s dream, a sort of collective dramatization introduced as an evolution of the gestaltic role-play.

From the book “Lo Sguardo e l’Azione” (by Oliviero Rossi, ed. Universitarie Romane, 2010):
“Il videodream è un lavoro su più livelli: alla base c’è la drammatizzazione con le sue regole di relazione tra il terapeuta e il sognatore nel contesto di gruppo. Su un altro piano il terapeuta partecipa al lavoro del cliente ma inserisce, in primo luogo, la telecamera (…) successivamente stimola l’uso di un linguaggio cinematografico tout court.”

(trad. Videodream is a work developing on more levels: at the basis there is dramatization, with all its relational rules between the therapist and the dreamer in a group context. In another level the therapist participates to the client’s work before by adding the videocamera and after by stimulating the use of a cinematic language tout court.)


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